The only people who can be successful in a competitive environment are those who are able to see their clients as partners. They understand their client’s needs and worries, and are responsive to their desires.


Due to my experience and training, I was able to take over the position of project leader for strategic and technical development at the law firm, Kanzlei Ziegler&Kollegen in 2014.

Prior to choosing the layout of the website, we analyzed the web presences of the 15 largest law firms for healthcare law, where our strongest competition laid, to see what we could incorporate and improve upon in our own design. In this way, we were able to easily identify the angle at which we would most effectively approach the market.

Personal Strengths: performance-based fee plus free initial consultation, 35 years of experience health care law.

The Result:

The law firm, formerly active in many areas, has now positioned itself as a boutique for medical malpractice. All the ballast was thrown overboard and a clear direction was set. We chose a red/gray color scheme for our website to represent our aggressive stance against malpracticing doctors. The attorneys of the firm began to be perceived as specialist patient lawyers.

Profits have been risen considerably, and the focus of the firm’s practice completely shifted towards medical malpractice law.