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Law is fundamentally a study of the humanities, whereas engineering is grounded in the physical sciences. Neither lawyer nor engineer can properly function when they are forced to work using the other’s methodology. Judgments and pleadings cannot be created mathematically. The law is a product of our “Zeitgeist”. That is, it changes and evolves with the philosophy and values of a population over time. On the other hand, fixed mathematical formulas (a ² + b ² = c ²) cannot be discussed from different points of view. They simply exist, objectively, and are not dependent on humans for their existence. They are the immutable “laws” of nature.

In some areas of the law the tools of an engineer can be usefully drawn upon in the practice of law (technical expertise, process management, algorithmic workflows, etc.). This is especially true with legal tech.

Lawyers in the very near future will only be competitive if they are able to use new technologies to their advantage. Technology has already become a standard in modern practice through the adoption of legal databases (e.g. BeckOnline, Juris) paperless files, email, and dictation software.

Engineers are the spiritual parents of these systems and are therefore ideal partners for law firms who wish to implement them in their practice.

Law.Engineered puts legal tech to work for your firm, and in your interests. We will help you take the lead against your competition, and stay ahead by making your practice more efficient and cost effective. Your practice will become “leaner” and thus more able to focus on your true business goals; namely, to provide your clients with the best representation possible.


What does law.engineered have to do with legal tech?
What do Engineers at Law have to do with legal tech?
What does legal engineering have to do with legal tech?

Lawyers will have to become familiar with new technologies and digitize their practices in order to become more efficient. Contracts can be easily drawn up using text modules and artificial intelligence. This results in an automatization of the legal market. If engineered properly, automation can bring huge volumes of data to bear and leverage them to the benefit of your firm.

You’ll become more efficient. Your business will become “leaner”, more cost-effective, and faster. The quality of your work-product will improve.

So, what can an engineer do for a law firm and its attorneys?

We regard your practice as a business which produces highly specialized legal services for its clients. Your firm, as a competitor in its field both locally, across the nation, and world-wide.

We will analyze your competition for you.
We identify your niche in the market any your unique strategy and goals.

We will define and optimize your law firm processes.
We will save you time and money as well as improve the quality of your work-product.
We will help motivate your workers to work more efficiently.

The Result:
Satisfied customers and colleagues
lean processes, reduced cost and higher quality

The greatest impact of legal tech and the resulting systemization of the law will be the increased use of a wholly new specialization: the “Engineer at Law”. Engineers at Law work to systematize the law and strategically implement legal tech in practice.